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Askida is a center of expertise in software development and quality assurance whose aim is to optimize the competitive advantages of its customers while reducing cost and risk. The company develops customized, premium quality software and guarantees the quality of existing software through its own ASKIDA solution.

The ASKIDA tool works with whatever you already have in place

Askida, our tool named after the company, is a unique and powerful solution that allows you to orchestrate automated tests and analyze their results throughout the lifecycle of your applications. The software guarantees the quality of existing and new applications, thus maximizing the value of your investment. By allowing you to test the functionality of your applications on all platforms and in any programming language, Askida enables you to make significant savings in both time and money.

Askida runs a series of systematic and repeatable tests from the start of the development phase, and presents the results and status of your applications through sophisticated dashboards, thus giving you full control over the quality and operational compliance of your information systems.