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Technology users across the globe are unrelenting in their demand for faster delivery of engaging applications and software functionality while expecting high quality and excellent performance. Micro Focus® Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software is a powerful, single repository for your application teams to plan, build, and accelerate delivery of reliable applications that drive innovation and enhance customer satisfaction while also providing your teams with visibility across all enterprise projects and the complete application lifecycle.

Deliver New Applications at the Speed of Business

More and more, your business is reliant on you to deliver technology that satisfies end users, drives profit, and supports their need for innovative and modern products; however, the means of modernization distributed teams, iterative methodologies, new architectures such as service-oriented and composite applications, the latest Web technologies, mobile platforms, and cloud-sourced components pose new challenges to your teams. These things coupled with the rate and speed of technology innovation are driving rapid delivery cycles and pushing teams to their limits.

With all this pressure for new and better software technology, you require the means to keep track of it all. To make sure you’re delivering quality applications on time, on budget and with your users desired features.

ALM is designed for teams tasked with managing the logistical complexities of delivering modern applications at the speed of business. Using a robust and extensive platform, ALM manages application delivery from requirements through development, testing, and readiness for delivery that embraces heterogeneous tools creating a hub of activity and insight. Our modern take on delivering applications facilitates collaboration that encourages interactive communications throughout the entire application lifecycle.

About ALM Software

ALM is a unified platform for managing and automating activities, insight, and assets to deliver applications from requirements through development, testing, and readiness for delivery. ALM includes market leading Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise (QCE) and integrates with upstream project portfolio management software, downstream deployment, monitoring, and incident management software to drive the complete ALM of applications from inception to retirement.

ALM is ideal at improving visibility across local, distributed, and outsourced teams, and at managing the moving parts of today’s applications. It promotes consistency across processes, drives best practices and asset sharing, and improves interactive communication among executive management, project managers, business analysts, development, and testing teams. Built on a standards-based, easily extensible architecture and centralized repository, ALM is one of the first unified, technology-agnostic application delivery systems available now.

    Key Advantages of Micro Focus ALM Requirements Management Include

    • Linking and structuring requirements to imported business process models and evaluating path coverage
    • Configurable templates
    • Requirements authoring using a rich text editor that provides a Microsoft Word-like experience without leaving ALM
    • Document-centric viewing mode enabling you to see a list of requirements in a single view for quick editing of descriptions
    • Ability to view requirements coverage at project or release level with views available to be configured on the fly
    • Ability to trace relationships between requirements, process paths, defects, and test coverage Ability to link all requirements directly to tests, developer tasks, and defects to enable alignment in the face of change
    • Linkage of requirements to other requirements, Agile user stories, and upstream business strategies

    Key Features

    • Project planning and tracking
    • Application Lifecycle Intelligence
    • ALM Lab Management Automation
    • Asset sharing and reuse
    • Cross-project reporting
    • Heterogeneous environment support
    • Live Network

    SQALogic members can integrate and manage the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management suite for your company.

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