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Automated test tools still leave you with a number of manual tasks that need to be repeated. Indeed, existing solutions rarely deliver on the value or performance that they claim.

  • Are you currently using automated testing tools or planning to do so in the future?
  • Are you seeking to embed your scripts in your test scenarios documentation?
  • Is your test data environment yet to be set up?
  • Are you still encountering bug issues when analyzing results or executing scripts, either manually or in bulk?


This is where Askida comes in. Askida is a unique and powerful solution that allows you to orchestrate automated tests and analyze their results throughout the life cycle of your applications.

The software guarantees the quality of existing and new applications, thus maximizing the value of your investment by allowing you to test the functionality of your applications on all platforms and in any programming language. Askida enables you to make significant savings in both time and money.

Askida runs a series of systematic and repeatable tests from the start of the development phase, and presents the results and status of your applications through sophisticated dashboards, thus giving you full control over the quality and operational compliance of your information systems.


  • Consolidate the results of the scripts that need to be executed
  • Scripts are directly embedded in your test case documentation
  • Test plan evolves with time
  • Run all the scripts, in any circumstances, anytime


  • What used to take hours of execution and validation can now be completed in minutes
  • Save time by testing faster, better and simpler
  • Integrate manual scripts without any modification, never lose them nor duplicate them
  • The integration is simple, and using Askida is easy
  • It allows preparing data automatically and systematically for each test


  • Execution results can be traced at all times
  • Management functionalities are available, including dashboards that provide a global view of all test results


  • Prepare environments and test data
  • Oversee the execution of your automated tests in the scheduled order
  • Repeat tests for an entire process at any time, without manual intervention, throughout the lifecycle of an application
  • Analyse pass and failure results quickly using detailed reports
  • Improve the overall conformity, quality and security of your applications
  • Test all programming languages on all technological platforms
  • Deliver 100% quality

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ASKIDA suite for your company.

Save time and money.  Do not delay your project or hinder its long term development due to early learning problems. Contact us and see what we can do for your project.

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