Our Executive Team

SQALogic Prides itself for only working with the best of the best in the industry.

Our Executive team is no different in this respect bringing dozens of years of combined experience we continuously aim at growing the network for the better good of our consultant family and our customer base worldwide.


David Milette


Possessing a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Information Technology from Université de Sherbrooke. David has been working in the field of ALM/SQA for close to 20 years in a number of different positions at some of the largest companies in the industry.

Making his way up the ladder from manual tester to president of Canadian operations, filling  various strategic positions in between at Compuware Corp., Mercury Interactive, HP, Worksoft, TurnKey Solutions, and SAP, Mr. Milette learned the ins and outs of the profession and the industry at both the local and international levels.

Impressive experience asside, he’s above all known for his integrity and his client‑centered approach. His expertise, wide network of qualified contacts, and communication skills were all factors in his decision to start a business focused on guiding and supporting his clients.

So, in 2012, he founded SQALogic. As the managing director of the company’s global operations, he shares his unique vision with his clients to help them quickly achieve their objectives and save time and money

annik desrosiers


Along with her SQALogic co-founder David Milette, Ms. Desrosiers is mainly responsible for business psychology, an important component that sets the company apart from the rest.

With a background in education, Ms. Desrosiers is charged with communicating and integrating the company’s core values. Her work is driven by the unparalleled support that SQALogic provides its clients—an approach that makes it a quality assurance firm unlike any other. She rallies and unites the consultants, harnessing their energy in the best interests of the clients.

She is also responsible for the legislative and financial aspects of the company’s business development. 



Human Resource

Responsible for the consultants, Ms. Desrosiers oversees the logistics of the SQALogic team. She manages the consultants’ files from the time they are hired to ensure they fulfill their obligations to the company.

She is also responsible for the administrative aspects of the company, including scheduling, contracts, and payroll.


Patrick-Michel Dagenais

Engagement & Leadership

Patrick-Michel comes to us with a background in IT operations. 

For the last ten years he has worked at CGI where he helped establish company wide processes, worked on integrating large scale projects and helped push improvement initiatives to high management.  


Kareem Sadat

Business developement

Kareem is directly responsible for SQALogic’s business and technical growth by acquiring contracts and expanding opportunities. With a proven track record of success in automation and engineering, Kareem has also shown a strong technical side, making him an ideal representative for SQALogic when it's time to answer questions and concerns from potential clients.