Performance Testing

Application performance is one of the most important elements of successful implementation. Thorough testing of an application’s performance helps guarantee success. 

Performance testing should not only identify but also eliminate bottlenecks that reduce the performance of the systems being implemented.

The SQALogic team has developed an approach to the execution of performance testing that allows us to adapt our clients’ methodologies and practices. At the same time, it ensures control by dividing work into easily manageable task stages. When each stage is completed, we receive a product that is finally ready to be verified.

We use a wide range of tools when performing tests, from open-source solutions to tools from renowned developers such as Microfocus (Formely HPE), IBM, Turnkey Solutions, Intellicorp & Grid Robotics.



° The system will work properly at production workload

° Pinpoint bottlenecks by monitoring elements of infrastructure

° Optimisation of system’s hardware, software and licences

° Work convenience of the end-use



° Comprehensive performance tests

° Generating high workload (up to 1M+ VU)

° Traffic profile definition

° Performance testing in agile implementations (SCRUM, SAFe)

° Monitoring elements of system infrastructure

° Verification of system scalability