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Load Testing for Everyone

Flood.IO, the high performance load testing
you've been looking for.

Flood.IO let’s you easily upload your JMeter, Gatling or Selenium load test plans to Flood’s cloud infrastructure. Distribute it across hundreds of servers and see your results in real time, this way you can spend more time focusing on scaling your application versus creating and running load tests.

Flood Load Testing Built for Everyone

Unlike traditional load testing services, Flood.IO is designed to maximize testing success. It allows you to run as many users and tests as you need, while it takes care of the servers and collect the results.

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    Use the open source tools you love, including JMeter, Gatling, and Selenium.


    Quickly distribute your load test plan across hundreds of servers in multiple AWS regions.


    Quick feedback loops are critical for successful load testing, see your results as soon as they are available, allowing you to stop a test and make changes as necessary.



    Discover performance problems as they occur, not after your test finishes.

    Flood gives you a real time view of your load test as it runs, with aggregates of all core metrics, as well as the ability to drill down into a single transaction to view captured traces and analyze errors.

    Thousands of companies use Flood to generate the load of millions of users


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