Become a testing expert, enroll in our training programs

SQALogic is the first Quality Assurance Company to provide full on training programs for people who wish to learn the inner workins of UFT, ALM, Selenium, as well as a number of other industrial level tools used for testing software for all plateforms. 

  • Course given by University teachers

  • Attend on location

  • Classroom enviornmenT

  • Hardware and software provided during class

  • Not a bundle of instructional videos

This is not on online course where you just download a video and follow along. Our courses are given in a classroom by one of the best QA teachers in the country who currently teaches at Montreal University.  All the hardware and software is provided for this course.  We believe the best way to teach anything is by having face to face time with people who are experts in their fields.  Ask questions, get clarifications, bring forth ideas and share your work with the rest of the class.  

This means space is limited. 
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